Live In Sweet Insulated Harmony

Install Honeycomb Blinds and live in sweet insulated harmony with your home and the environment.
Honeycomb Blinds – Comfort Zone

Made from two or more layers of 100% non-woven polyester material joined at the pleats, Honeycomb Blinds have cellular compartments that trap air and thereby increase both heat and sound insulation.

Available in over 100 fabric options including 25mm single cell, 45mm double cell and 45mm single cell, our Honeycomb Blinds give you more choices, more comfort and more energy efficiency.

By Choice
  • Wide range of fabrics from Light Filtering to Room Darkening.
  • Corded or cordless (which requires just a gentle lift or downward pull to close or open the shade). Great safety feature for children’s spaces.
  • Translucent or block-out material or a combination of both.
  • Top-down or bottom-up operation – the left and right cords allow control over where the shade is positioned within the window.
  • Smart-fit option for unique or hard-to-reach windows and sloped windows such as skylights.

Choice Finishes
  • Lightweight
  • Great thermal insulators
  • Eco-friendly
  • Space-smart – doesn’t take much space in your window
  • An array of functional operating mechanisms
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