Pergola Awnings

Pergola Awnings

Powder Coating

In addition to our standard white powder-coat, there are a choice of powder colours to complement your fabric choice or to blend in with the colours of your home / bar / restaurant.

Box Front ►

All rafters and front beams are flush and squared off.

Scalloped ►

All rafters and front beam have moulded ends.

Bari ►

Aluminium tubes are stitched into pockets of continuous fabric to create stiffeners for support and easy operating.

Prima ►

Individual panels of fabric are slid into aluminium extrusions which act as stiffeners hidden above the fabric. The Prima is stronger than the Bari (can be used in light rains) and is easier to maintain.

Venice ►

With aluminium stiffeners bigger and therefore much stronger than the other models, this awning can be successfully used in heavier weather (ideal for restaurants and bars).