Select The Motorised System That’s Right For You

Everything you need to know!
How to select the right motorised system for your roller shutters

Several types of roller shutters with shutter boxes exist:
1. Standard: retrofit, built-in, or with tunnel box.
2. Projection
3. Adjustable slats.

For each new construction or renovation project, Somfy will advise you and provide a customised solution for motorising all your roller shutters!

Several ranges of motors may meet your needs:
1. Would you like to take advantage of the best technology available? Select smart and secure io-homecontrol radio technology (feedback provides you with real-time information on the status of your devices). It allows you to remotely control your roller shutters.
2. Are you renovating your home and looking for a simple solution to preserve the aesthetic look of its exterior? Select our solar-powered motorised system: wireless and reliable, it’s quick and easy to install, with no need for added construction!
3. Are you looking to switch from a wired system to radio technology so you can enjoy the comfort of a remote control? Install a radio receiver behind your switch. In addition, if you want to motorise your existing shutters or replace your current motorised system, Somfy provides motor and replacement kits to install yourself! Feel free to ask us for advice!

Roller shutters checklist

The points to check before selecting a motorised system:
1. What type of shutter drive system should you select? On the inside or outside?
2. What type of installation should you select? Mounted on the outside wall, embedded in the wall or built into the lintel?
3. Where is the power supply located? To the left or right (seen from inside)?
4. For installing a solar-powered solution, consult a professional!

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