The Timeless Style of Shutters

Whether installed in the master bedroom, guest bedroom, child’s bedroom or nursery, AMERICAN shutters’® make these very personal spaces, safe, comfortable and stylish.
Bedroom Shutters

Shutters allow you to open the windows and doors and control the flow of ventilation without compromising security and having to tolerate flapping blinds or bellowing curtains. Our shutters can be customised to create desired privacy and natural light options; a tilt of the louvres protects linen from harsh sunlight.

Simple to operate and without any cords or loose parts, shutters are safe for all ages. Our shutters emit no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air, and because they are easy to keep clean, they help alleviate allergies.

The timeless style of shutters complements all interior design styles and therefore do not need to be upgraded or changed with a change in décor.

  • Privacy
  • Light and ventilation control
  • Security
  • Customised finishes

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